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Oil pipeline
  • Details:   The hot-roiled precision seamless steel pipe production line adopts advanced Arccu-Roll mill to produce casing, tubing, drill pipe, pipeline and fluid piping in 2 3/8" to 7" diameters and with pipe ...
  • Details:   Tubing, casing are produced in accordance with API specifications. The heat-treatment lines are complete with advanced equipments and detecting instruments and can handle, casing in 5 1/2" to 13 3/8...
  • Details:   Product introduction:  Our company specializes in the production and sale of API standard oil drill pipes with the OD from 2 3/8 to 5 1/2 and the grade from E75 to S135. And the drill pipes are main...
  • Details:   Product introduction:  Integral heavy weight drill pipe is made from AISI 4142H—4145H alloy steel, the manufacturing follows SY/T5146—2006 and API SPEC 7—1 standard. Heavy weight drill pipe is one k...
  • Details: Raw material:  The drill collar is made from AISI 4145H or finish rolling structural alloy steel. The deep hole’s process and heat treatment: The drill collar is processed as per API SPEC 7 standard.T...
  • Details: Features:   1. The torque generated by the screwdrill only turns the drill bit, which can dramatically decrease drill pipe wear;  2. The screwdrill can be incorporated into special BHA to realize high...
  • Details: Benefits:  1. Strong mechanical power is generated at the bit due to the high speed and torque of the Trubodrill, resulting in optimum penetration speed;  2. The high speed, minor shear action of the ...
  • Details: Features:  1. Low-alloy steel billets with low content of P and S and impurity strictly controlled;  2. Even and fine grains with grain size of 7 grade above, showing low stress on pipe body;  3. Conn...
  • Details:   The specialty casing for heavy oil thermal recovery has passed the full-length performance evaluation by Tubular Goods Research Center of CNPC. The pipe adopts Cr-Mo material, featuring good thermal...
  • Details:   The epoxy fiberglass HP surface lines and downhole tubing are produced in strict conformance with API specifications. The annual output comes to 2000km in length, with diameter ranging from DN40 to ...
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